Power packed with healing botanical oils to hydrate and sooth dry, itchy and cracked skin. The serum smells like a field of flowers since its packed with healing flowers like calendula and lavender to nourish tired and aged skin, fades rosacea, and restore the skin's optimum moisture level for radiant looking skin.


Vitamin E Healing Serum

    • Sooth dry sensitive skin to reduce itching
    • Multi functional formula: the thick serum spreads nicely and can be used as moisturizer
    • Vitamin E to fight free radicals to restore skin's radiance and elasticity
    • Can be used to nourish dry and sensitive scalp to prevent dandruff and promote regrowth (Vitamin E is known to promote new hair regrowth)
    • Suitable for all skin type
    • Lavender: Renown flower used since ancient times for its healing purposes, soothes inflamed or irritated skin. This calming essential oil helps to create brighter, more radiant skin.
    • Calendula: For many centuries, Calendula is known for its healing properties Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine. The petals come from Marigold flower to sooth irritated skin and redness
    • Organic Aloe Vera: Comes from the leaf of Aloe Vera plant and is renown for its hydrating and soothing properties on the skin. On the hair, it helps to restore shine.
Shampoo and Hair Mist
Cleaner hair and relieving for my migraine!


I love how clean and fluffy my hair feels after switching to this shampoo. Weirdly the strong mintiness relieves my migraine!
The only downside is it comes in small bottle, please make bigger bottle cause i love them so much!

Pretty Hair
Pretty Hair
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Peeling Gel
I'm obsessed!


I have oily and sensitive skin yet dull because od dead skin build up. But all exfoliants in the past peft my skin red ir dry
Peeling Gel is the best! Its cooling and hydrating. I have used it for my scalp, face, everywhere in my body pretty much! Haha