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We get it.

We've also been through the pain of thinning hair and poor skin. 


Hair Loss Family

PCOS Hair Loss & Adult Acne
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Mel's story:

I suffered from symptoms of PCOS which includes my hair falling out like crazy in horrifying clumps  and my whole face was covered in acne like ring of fire that no amount of makeup can cover. It was especially devastating because I grew up with long, luscious hair that everyone adored, it was my source of confidence. 

Thank God for my sisters and mum who patiently treated my skin and hair naturally and healthily, without being exposed to side effects. I love that BIO LIVING CELL is 100% natural, relaxing and de-stressing, not painful and helped to improve my circulation (I had so much inflammation and weight gain caused by PCOS).

Now,  that I am on the other side of my PCOS journey, I am passionate to help other girls with similar experience to overcome their struggles naturally and healthily ❤️

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The beginning

Diana's hyperpigmentation went out of control following excessive invasive procedures deemed 'safe' in the beauty industry. As a result, her skin became very sensitive and vulnerable to the sun and cancer. In desperation, Diana began her journey far and wide to find a cure for her skin.

Diana's story


Receding hair line and facial contouring

I am privileged to use my knowledge as Medical Science student and passion in health in innovating this natural solution for skin and hair! It even helped me re-grew my thinning hair from traction alopecia


Receding hair

Most think that thinning hair is for older people so I was very anxious when I noticed mine receding in my early 20's! I didn't realize how damaging pulling my hair on tight hairstyle can be. I also used to get migraine on my left side (right where my hair's thinning too!)

Fortunately, I managed to restore my hairline with the help of Hair Mist and BIO LIVING CELL which subsided my migraine noticeably

Stef, Senior Therapist

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