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Fix your posture and firm up those stubborn flabs that are hard to tone with normal exercise. The technology stimulates muscular movements, exercising the muscle and burning peripheral fat, achieving results 3x times faster than exercise. 


- Contour and firm muscle

- Correcting posture

- Strengthening muscle

- Long term pain relief  (the contract-relief rhythm releases tension)

No side effects or downtime.

Immediate result after one session: Loss of 9 cm




Did you know that your facial muscle also needs exercise to stay in shape?


Fitness Facial uses EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) technology to exercise  facial muscle, leaving it  toned and sculpted naturally. Celebrities like Meghan Markle and Jennifer Aniston prefers EMS technique to contour and tone their feature.

After 2x Fitness Facial

Purifying Treatment uses exotic blend of botanical oils and deep ion current to de-congest your skin from stubborn dirt & toxins, improve the lymphatic system and blood circulation to leave your complexion instantly brighter and refreshed.

After 1x Purifying Facial

Spot treatment to remove pigmentation without any scar.

Organic herbal blend mask customize for different skin and needs



Using power packed natural ingredients,  this individually tailored spa treatment to deliver cleaner, healthier scalp and fuller hair.
Book yours today for just $99 fully refundable on your product purchase, this includes:
- Free Hair scan
- Scalp deep cleanse & exfoliation
- Scalp massage
- Hair wash and mask treatment